Monday, July 8, 2013

Week One Complete!

Hey guys!

So yesterday was officially the one week mark in  my recovery. It's been pretty rough, but I suppose I really shouldn't complain because the worse is yet to come.

Already I've definitely noticed the effects of sleep deprivation. Getting only a couple of hours, if that, of sleep each night wears on your body quickly. I have minimal energy and find myself with my eyes closed for a good portion of the day. It is also very mentally draining.

Saturday was a good day and night for me. Oozing had stopped completely and the redness went down dramatically, especially on my arms, which were completely red from shoulder to hand. The skin had become very dry and was flaking off. I also was able to get more sleep than normal. However, last night saw a turn of events. My skin began oozing in some areas again (especially behind the knees) and while my arms are still decent my legs and feet are quite hot and painful. My back and stomach are flaking relentlessly.

As of now, I am taking 3 antihistamines; Allegra, Levocetrizine, and Hydroxizine. I'm also taking Vitamin D tablets once a day.

On my skin I'm using tons of Aquaphor, which is basically a petroleum jelly. I also use Cetaphil  during the middle of the day.

I often feel very cold and shaky, even when it's very hot out and my skin is burning. The best way to describe it is as a feverish type of thing.

Yesterday I experienced a new symptom. Shortly after I woke up, my heart began pounding rapidly. It almost felt like a fish flopping in my chest. I drained of all color in my face and lips, and became extremely dizzy and nauseous. I also experienced blacked out vision. I would say I was very close to fainting. I do have a history of fainting, and have needed stitches on my head due to blacking out and falling. I also have a heart condition called PFO. There is a chance that this may be the cause of theses symptoms, however it felt much different than it usually does.

One week down, tons more to go!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day Three

My skin is feeling very awful today. It has begun oozing and weeping in some areas. It's difficult and painful to move. Even walking or a simple task like lifting an arm is painful.

Here are a few pictures of my skin. The camera didn't seem to pick up the color very well. It is actually much redder than it appears here.

It's very itchy and dry in some spots, while covered inwelts/angry red splotches in others. I'm not quite sure what to do in order to calm it, or how to stop the weeping that is occurring.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Today is my first full day of giving up the use of topical steroids in an effort to rid myself of eczema. Currently, my skin is in a state of distress. My stomach, chest, back, and hip area are all extremely inflamed. My arms, legs, neck, and face are also showing rashy areas. The area behind my knees is very red and bumpy.  My skin feels hot to the touch, and is very painful. I am hoping that this long journey will be successful. I'll post my whole story and background information later, and possibly some pictures.